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Company Registration +  A FREE VIDEO LOGO  worth R500

  • Place the order
  • provide us with your industry sector & brand colours and
  • we do the rest

Private Company Registration + Animated Logo


This private company registration is for small to medium businesses. Recommended for director/s who intend managing their business themselves, i.e. the director/s and the owner/s is/are the same person.

Any questions see FAQ below

Service turnaround time
1-2 days working days from date of submission of the supporting documentation, CIPC delays may influence the time taken,

  • An animated LOGO captures the attention of your audiences much more than a static image


  • A powerful logo animation connects with potential clients and increases chances of leaving an impression.


  • An animated logo is a modern and great way to represent your brand.


Can I choose a Logo?
Yes, you given the choice of two logos.

Logos are designed to match your industry and primary brand colours

What if I do not like the choices presented?
Logos are professionally designed, so we are sure you will love your logo.

This is a free offering made possible by Digital Niche Marketing, if you need a customised logo we will forward your details to them.

How can I use my animated logo?
Logos are provided in 3 formats

  1. MP4 – can be used for intros and outros on your videos
  2. GIF – Can be used on your website, emails or social media
  3. PNG – Can be used anywhere you like
How Long does it take to register a company?

Typically between 1-2 days. CIPC delays do occur.

What do I need to register company?
  1. Certified copies of IDs for each director/s to be.
  2. Full contact details of each director
  3. Physical address of the business.
    • If you do not have a business address, the address of one of the directors will do.
Where can I use my animated logo?
Leverage the power of animated logos on social media, your website, presentations and promotions.


Capturing Attention, Connecting with Customers and Making an Impression

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