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Learning about your business


During our free consultation, we learn the ins and outs of your business and hash out what our working relationship will look like. We figure out who does what, when deliverables are due, and how the pieces fit together in the machine that is your business. While asking a million questions may seem like overkill, this step really allows us to dive in and see where to go next.


Let’s get up to speed

Do you already have an accounting file setup? We’ll take a peek under the hood of your accounting system, review your current setup, uncover any outstanding issues, and get a feel for how your file was handled previously. Do we need to clean up your data or start fresh? This is when we start to set our game plan in motion.


Final steps! We’re almost ready to get started!


We pore over our notes, take your accounting file into consideration, and create a customized quote that addresses all of your accounting needs. Once you take a look at the proposal, we can hop on a call to address any concerns, adjust the terms, or move into the next step.

Get Started

Time to get you back to what you do best

Once you click “accept” on our proposal, our accounting team gets to work. We gather information, schedule our first client success call, and get started on your work.

ready to get


We have handled the accounting and payroll for various businesses across different industries. Let’s work together and build a better tomorrow together!

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