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Our Story


Let’s back it up to a few years ago when a couple of guys put their heads together and came up with a pretty good idea. They wanted to provide an easy, fast, affordable accounting and business advisory service run by fully qualified Chartered Accountants, where the clients were treated like friends and not numbers.

They stripped back an over-priced, over-complicated industry and turned it into an efficient business where conversation and getting to know people is priority, and the numbers come second.

Work gets done and new friends were found. All of this whilst still being highly qualified and experienced professionals.

Additional expertise were brought because they exclude this for now

We are big on technology and even bigger on thinking outside the box and kicking the stereotypical accounting ideals to the curb.

Traditional services offered by Chartered Accountants and Auditors can be broadly be categorized as follows:

External auditing

An external audit is an independent examination of the financial statements prepared by the organization. It is usually conducted for statutory purposes (because the law requires it).

Internal Auditing

An internal audit is designed to review what a company is doing in order to identify potential threats to the organization’s health and profitability, and to make suggestions for mitigating the risk associated with those threats in order to minimize costs.


Given the ever-increasing complexities of income tax legislation in South Africa, and the severe penalties imposed on tax payers that fail to meet their tax obligations, tax compliance is always a top priority – a critical business imperative that demands your

Our Specialization

Apart from the aspects above we specialize in the following areas:


Forensic auditing

An examination and evaluation of a firm’s or individual’s financial information for use as evidence in court. A forensic audit can be conducted in order to prosecute a party for fraud, embezzlement or other financial claims. In addition, an audit may be conducted to determine negligence or even to determine how much spousal or child support an individual will have to pay.

Company Administration

We handle all aspects of administering the Company Act requirements for your business. These include

♦ Company registrations
♦ Appointment/change in directors
♦ Maintaining your company register
♦ Resolution drafting
♦ Annual returns
♦ MOI drafting
♦ etc

Trust Management

Trusts remain a valuable part of most long-term wealth management solutions. The estate planning opportunities and protection from  creditors that they offer remain a compelling proposition for most clients.


We have embarked on a new project to assist you in proactively managing your trusts’ affairs with regard to administration, compliance and taxation. The first step in the process is for you to perform a quick health check on your trust by answering these questions:

♦ Have I reviewed my trust deed recently?
♦ Do I maintain a separate bank account for the trust?
♦ Have I maintained a minute book recording the affairs of the trust?
♦ Have distributions to beneficiaries been correctly dealt with in terms of
the provisions of the trust deed, as well as for tax disclosure purposes?
♦ Do I have the requisite number of trustees?
♦ Do I have an independent trustee?
♦ Do I know what my responsibilities are, as a trustee?
♦ Do I have loan agreements in place for any
loans advanced by or to the trust?

Trust Management Solution

You can count on our professionals to administer your trust conscientiously according to your unique objectives.

Our services include:

♦ Regular trust administration

♦ Monthly trust accounting

♦ Trustee services advice

♦ Tax compliance

♦ Trust formations

♦ Trust deed reviews

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